Personal Narrative Essay: The Death Of The Reaper

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It was the day that the Reaper had died but sixteen years ago, as well as seven teenagers sixtieth birthday. Everyone had felt bad for the due to they had to share their birthday with the horrible nasty Reaper on the day of his death. Today was officially the seven teen’s birthday, Lucas, Alex, Rose, Lilly, Max, Josh and Jason. Their ritual since they were all eleven, was to go down to the creek where there was an old, burnt ambulance truck that had been blown up the day the Reaper died because the Reaper had been in the truck on the way to the hospital because he had been shot by the police because he was about to murder someone so the ambulance was going to take him, but on their way the Reaper shot a gas tank inside the truck which made …show more content…
Once he was there him and his six other friends always hang out before school starts to get caught up with anything or just talk. Just like yesterday Alex, Josh and Lilly were all not there only Rose. He and Rose wondered why they weren’t there. In the middle of there talking the bell rang which signaled them to go inside and start class. He knew that Jason and Max walk home together every day so maybe they got lost or got hurt. The intercom came on and said the lunch they were having, then came on special announcements. “ It’s sad to say but Junior Alex, Jason, Max, Lilly and Josh had died, when the ambulance found all of them they had all been cut in the throat, we are very sad for their family and if you would like to donate to help for the funeral cost there will be a box outside Ms. Trell’s office.”. Rose and Lucas both looked at each other and were scared. The school day was over and they both decided to walk to Lucas house to see what could have happened to their best friends. On their way home they heard noises in the bush. They turned around and didn’t see anything. They still kept walking and still heard strange things in the bushes. This time when they turned around they saw a man that looked like the Reaper. Maybe it was the

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