Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Character Analysis Essay

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold pursues the story of a murder in Colombia. The narrator develops an idiosyncratic scene in which many of the town’s inhabitants were aware of the predestined murder. However, no one impeded the murder or had the sagacity to caution the victim. The crime took place by hand of the major characters in the novel. Although these characters experienced the crime firsthand, the minor characters in the novel were also directly involved. The minor characters set the scene for themes of sexual tension and honor. They also portray the abnormality of a murder where the whole town was a witness to a crime not yet committed.
Divina Flor helps develop Santiago’s image as a womanizer. She also demonstrates female oppression and
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Garcia Marquez portrays Poncio as unimportant because characters give him little attention and he is often neglected. During the wedding he is moved around and talks to himself thinking someone is directing themselves at him. He also helps develops the theme of honor as “he’d lost his sight from doing so much fine work in order to maintain the honor of the house.” (pg. 30) His lack of vision symbolizes his unawareness of Angela’s dishonor and the twins’ crime. Because of his ignorance, he can be considered one of the two innocent characters in Chronicle of a Death Foretold—along with Cristo Bedoya. Poncio’s oblivion allows the buildup of events to continue uninterrupted as he is not able to act as a sufficient father figure to his children. The Vicario children all add to the developing plot. Angela Vicario’s two older sisters are representations of women in Columbian society in the 1950’s. They were raised to be wives and “had been reared to get married” (pg. 31). They are also the ones who convince Angela to fake losing her virginity on her wedding night. They influence her to use old tricks bur Angela is not able to go through with it. The Vicario brothers procrastinate in carrying out the murder hoping to be stopped but seemed to be content after they killed Santiago. Angela also seemed reluctant in marrying Bayardo San Roman but went through it after slight pressuring. She later yearned for him after their …show more content…
Not only was Cristo Bedoya one of the few characters who were truly oblivious to Santiago’s plight, he also offers Chronicle of a Death Foretold literary value such as allusion. Bedoya alludes to Jesus Christ and this is obvious from his name and actions. Cristo Bedoya attempts to stop the murder and his attempt to save Santiago can be compare to Christ’s attempt to save the world from its sin. He can also be an allusion to Jesus’ disciple and right hand man, Peter. Santiago died splayed on a wooden door like Jesus dies on the cross and his white linen outfit represented

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