What Is The Consequences Of Commercial Fishing And The Overfishing Of The Oceans?

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Register to read the introduction… This problem finds its origins in commercial fishing and the overfishing of our oceans. A two year study was conducted by Jeremy Jackson of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography that showed 90% of big fish (swordfish and tuna) had been depleted from the ocean. A federal law was proposed to protect the oceans from overfishing but it was not approved. Jackson claims that, because fish populations are so low, 30-50% of the ocean may need to be protected from fishing in order for the populations to …show more content…
Commercial fisherman will be able to keep fishing but will have to reduce the size of their catches. Surely, they will not agree with the reduction in their catch size but they cannot argue the necessity of replenishing the fish populations. It is summed up best by marine biologist Sylvia Earle: “…what is not realized is that when the fish have gone, the way of life will come to an end anyway. What’s happening is not sustainable” (National para. 9). In the long run the commercial fisherman will reap the rewards of this plan. When the fish populations are renewed and stabilized catches will be …show more content…
The lifestyles of those that are dependent upon the catches that the commercial fishermen bring in will be altered slightly. There will be less of these big fish available for purchase in supermarkets and this will likely cause the price to go up. Jobs are protected by this plan rather than by shutting down half of the oceans. With this the jobs will still exist but quotas will be lower than they were before. Fishing communities will see a difference but in the long run they will reap the benefits of this plan.

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