What Is Silence During Class?

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My family is a typical Chinese family which both parents are devoted in blue collar jobs. My mother is a waitress at a Chinese restaurant and a factory worker who goes out in the morning and come back at late night. My father is a carpenter who provides most of the family expenditures. Same as other parents, my parents always advise me to work hard in school so that someday I can find a white collar job with high salary. Despite it 's for my own goods, I know I 'm not the type of person who can endure the mental exhaustion of being trapped in a small, stuffy cubicle to deal with boring paperwork. I 'm the person who wants to live with music and explore the wild nature. Everything that is related to those subjects such as Environmental Science, Biology, guitar, singing, etc, I am …show more content…
Yet, whenever there was a group discussion, I was always the one who got anxiety and remained in silence and listened to others. In the article “The Student Fear
Factor” we read that “Silence during class – whether in whole-group or small-group configuration – results from anxiety.”(36) I didn 't want to share my thoughts because they were probably wrong and that would made me very embarrassing. In like manner, I was afraid of asking questions when I was confused about the problem because it would draw his attention. Sometimes I asked my friend for help, but later I gave up. As a result of using these avoidance strategies, my grade dropped rapidly and I began to fall behind since I did not learn anything from the second semester. After all, I realized that these avoidance strategies did not help me to solve the problems, instead they made problems more difficult to me. Just like the case of my Chinese class, I could figure out the puzzles that confused me at class when the teacher was there so that I would not fail the final

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