1. Explain The Relationship To Your Illness Or Disease?

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Explain the relationship to your employment, and why you came to this realization by your employment.

Over the last three years, started in November 2013 to 2016, for days, weeks, and months, I have been working in a high pressure job and hostile work environment that has made me sick and had me going to Employee Concerns on Issues, my Doctor for medication for job-related stress, Deputy Director Frank Wright on issues, requested to be put on Family Medical Leave (FMLA), talked to Office of Inspector General (OIG), asked for help through Union Representative, reached out to Human Resource for guidance, reached out to my Congressman and filed a complaint, referred from both my doctor and EAP to Psychologist, Physical Therapist, and therefore,
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Excessive and prolonged pressure due to work demands that exceed my perceived capabilities and skills to cope, in a hostile work environment and being constantly harassed by management that lead up to stress. Because of this my doctor, have diagnosed me with work-related stress, with poor mental health/physical conditions such as anxiety, sciatica nerve effects, sleeplessness, headaches, severe depression, etc.

Question 15
If this notice and claim was not filed with the employing agency within 30 days after date shown above in item # 12 explain the reason for the delayed.
The reason why this claim was not filed in 30 days because this situation is still
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I was called into a meeting with Jason Exum, LTC Oldani and Mike Van Dongen to inform me of my enhanced responsibilities, but the meeting was prefaced by entertaining first the issues of EEO complaints I was addressing false allegations of DeAndrea Nguyen and Colonel Ross’s unfair labor practices of taking my duties and assigning to Pete Martinez to enhance or justify his promotion potential. I refused to discuss the EEO issues with ought

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