What Is Political Socialization?

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Political socialization is the learning process through which most people acquire their political attitudes, opinions, beliefs, and knowledge. This is how the people form a political opinion; starting in childhood and continuing through their entire life. Family is the big culprit on starting a child’s political opinion, however, other examples are school, peers and television. Since political socialization starts with family, children tend to perceive the world as their parents do. Whether that be a party affiliation or concerning issues addressed by the parents; children learn most by watching and hearing their parent’s reactions, the same goes for politics. School is the next step in the process of political socialization, students start learning how the government system works, including …show more content…
Your peers influence everything you do and say as a child. So by the time a child has formed a political opinion by the parents or television then friends or coworkers come into play giving their already formed political opinion. This is also very important in the political socialization process. You were influenced and now that a political opinion has started and occurred, it’s time to get your voice heard by peers. Maybe your beliefs start to sway their standing in politics or yours start to change because the majority of voters are not either Republic or Democratic, which happens to be the two most popular political parties that have a higher chance of winning national elections. Voters can be Independent. Many independents support one or the other of the two major parties because they may agree with Democrats in pro-choice but then agree with Republicans in cutting corporate income

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