America's Future Is Texas Essay

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In Lawrence Wright essay, the thesis in “America’s Future is Texas” is that Texas is a politically divided state just like other states of America. However, the Texas legislature is more functional than the United States Congress and more refined than the House of Commons. But a recurrent crop of crackpots and ideologies has fed the state's reputation and proudly retrograde politics (Wright, 2017).
Moreover, Wright uses colorful language to describe the politics of Texas and uses rough stories in government figures. He uses colorful language in the politics of the state since the residents are in the forefront calling for changes for the betterment of the state in the future (Rocha, 2017). The politics done by people are meant to make the state
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In addition, I do think there are principles that need to be met and created to keep peace. I grew up not knowing much about government, but over the years I have watched the news, listen to the radio and see people reaction towards many of or government. It is amazing how we look up too many of our leaders and look down on some of them. Many of the people around me influenced me to follow a path were everyone has equal rights, no one has the right to judge and education is the most important thing in life.
Additionally, what influenced me, and my political socialization mostly was the media and school. The reason, because the media shows the horror of the government and the good side of it too. School showed me how people should not be against each other, but to work together in resolving the issues around the
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I am not registering to vote because when I turned 18 I did not like both candidates who were running for president. Moreover, I did not vote in the 2016 election. In my opinion, I felt Donald Trump would cause a World War 3 or cause a bombing in one of our strongest state. In the other hand, Hillary Clinton would probably cause the U.S to fall in debt, due to the reason she wanted to protect illegal immigrant. For the reason, I see myself as an Independent voter or No party because they both have there wrongs which if they worked together they could fix them.
My parents were not active in political party because they did not have much interest until now. My parents and myself see the horror our president is making and the mistakes he is he creating. In the 2016 campaigns we both followed social media, internet, and the television. The campaigns were intense and full of few good views.
In conclusion, I did not want any of the candidates we had for president because both were horrible, but if I had to choose I would have gone with Hillary Clinton. She wanted to make the U.S a better place again, but the steps were a little wrong for that to be successful. She had a good heart, but not the right mind set to do what is good for the

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