Operationalization Of Variables In Research

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Operational Definition of Variables
Operationalization of compliance and sales variables/method of collection of data/measurement of the data Operationalization of the variables refers to the process of quantifying how the variables will be measured and explaining what exactly a given variable means. For example, one variable that will be measured is that of compliance with regard to the percentage of usage of the technology during the study period. Compliance will be considered measurable if the salesperson uses the SFA system, for example, to report all sales calls made on a daily/weekly basis that includes detailed call records on each sales call and use of the call planning function to plan the next call.
Compliance will also include
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The reason for the operationalization of this variable is that it is felt that marital status has an effect on the amount of time spent by salespeople in the evening using the technology to prepare for the next day and for collaboration with fellow colleagues on a regular basis etc. This variable will be measured through a survey format that asks the respondent to respond with yes/no regarding this question.
Level of industry experience will refer to the number of years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry as a salesperson. This will be measured based on an interval type of survey question such as one year or less, one to three years, three to 5 years, 5 to 10 years and 10+ years. The average length of time most representatives spend with a given organization is between 5 and 10 years as that is the amount of time that is required to be promoted to a senior rep. (5 years) and an executive rep. (ten years). Generally, if the salesperson is not going to be promoted, they will not be retained by the organization beyond this time
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This is an important variable, as it will likely have some effect on the rate of adoption and level of compliance associated with the use of the technology over time. Data on this question will be collected through a survey format in which the study participant indicates whether they are male or female. In other words, the degree to which the technology is useful and easy to use will affect the adoption process. This factor, however, will be neutralized at the organization using Rogers’ method to adopt the technology, as ease of use will be made possible through the input of innovators to make the technology more user friendly for later

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