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After looking at the bar graph for the first and second days I noticed that my current diet was lacking in all the nutrients that are recommended I consume, except for carbohydrates. Since it is crucial that I include all these nutrients in my diet, I chose to include all the nutrients I was lacking for this written portion. To meet the recommended dietary allowances for my daily nutrition I would need to incorporate a larger variety of foods that are rich in the vitamins and minerals that I am missing.

1. Fiber: In regards to fiber, this vitamin is important to the body because it helps to lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels, along with improving digestive health. To boost my fiber intake, I would incorporate foods such as spinach,
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Vitamin C: According to my second chart, I did not consume any food that was high in vitamins C. To include this vitamin in my diet I would try to eat more fruits, such as watermelon or berries since they seem to contain large quantities of vitamin c per serving. It is crucial that I attempt to increase my intake of this vitamin because it is an essential nutrient that my body requires to form collagen, blood vessels and cartilage. Additionally, it is also necessary for healing wounds and maintaining teeth and bone health.

3. Vitamin A: This vitamin is important to an individuals’ diet since it plays an important role in bone growth, reproduction and immune system health. As well as helping the skin and mucous membranes ability to keep pathogens out of our bodies. To increase my intake of vitamin A I would incorporate foods such as cantaloupe, dark leafy greens like kale or lettuce to my diet since these are rich sources of vitamin A.

4. Vitamin B-6: This vitamin plays an important role in converting food to energy, along with helping the body to metabolize fats and proteins. It is also needed for proper brain development and function; makes hormones such as serotonin and norepinephrine (which affects mood) as well as helping the body make melatonin. In order to receive an adequate amount of vitamin B-6 I would consume nuts, beans, bananas, and potatoes to my diet because these tend to have large quantities of vitamin
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Phosphorus: This mineral is most abundant in the body, like calcium it too helps with building strong bones and teeth. Also, small quantities of it are present in the tissues and cells throughout the body. To increase the amounts of phosphorus in my diet I could consume for tofu, low fat dairy products, and lentils.

16. Riboflavin: This vitamin is another B vitamin; it helps with converting carbohydrates into glucose (fuel) which can be used to produce energy. Also, necessary for promoting the health of one’s liver, skin, hair, and eyes. Riboflavin is especially needed to help the body change vitamin B-6 and folate into forms it can use. Which is crucial for growth and red blood cell production. Some foods I could eat more of to boost my intake of riboflavin include milk, mushrooms, almonds, and yogurt.

17. Selenium: This mineral is required in very small amounts, however, it is still necessary to include it in my diet because it helps with making proteins called antioxidant enzymes. These enzymes play a major role in preventing cell damage. Some things I could consume to increase the amount of this mineral in my diet is by eating whole-wheat bread, seeds, or

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