Essay on What Is Negotiating : Soft, Hard, And Principled Negotiation

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Throughout my life I have had conflict with my family and I always end up on the losing side. Fisher, Ury, and Patton shows three ways of negotiating: soft, hard, and principled negotiation. This principled is the common ground of agreeing for the benefit of both sides and agreeing based on the reasoning not the people behind the reason (pg._____). One specific scenario of my family with conflict is my brother and I arguing over our fathers orders. Using Fisher, Ury, and Patton 's book Getting to Yes (2011) there is new ways to negotiate the conversation to get to an agreement that works for all parties. Five concepts that I find to help me go through to help analyze the scenario of negotiation that my brother and I was having: one, hard and soft negotiating, second, face-saving, third, focus on interests, fourth, strengths of agreements, and fifth, BATNA. By using these concepts to examine the concept I will be able to understand what has been tried but failed to negotiations; and if another negotiation comes up again I 'll be able to navigate through to actually get an agreement on both parties instead of a explosion on one end and a fail on the other. From childhood to adulthood, I have had conflict with my family on wanting to talk to me and negotiate what I would like and what they would like me to do. Having siblings and being the youngest also caused a lot of conflict especially between my brother and I. There would be many times that my brother would want me to do…

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