What Is Natural Life Essay

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Natural Life
Humans are only known to exist upon Earth. From the beginning of time, life has evolved upon our planet. The vast Oceans of our world were only known as one. The lands came to exist among this ocean, further dividing it until there were not one but seven Oceans. It is from these expanses of water that life came to be upon Earth. From the sea, they evolved and thrived upon land. Their lives are dependent upon surviving nature. Their abilities to live within nature upon Earth are incomparable. They thrive among each other; they are dependent upon each other to maintain the endless circle of life. As a human, often, one may ponder over the thoughts of an animal. I wonder what this creature would verbally say if I were to scoop it
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Nature runs on such basic principles yet is incomparably hard to decipher. The system functions as one. Forever in an endless cycle. Things are just as they are. The days and nights blur together creating the seasons. Then from there, years pass by into centuries and eventually, it is just one giant cycle. There is no question of why this happens, it just is. Nature itself does not question why it is existent. It just is. The animals of the Earth function in order to survive, they live upon our Earth with the purpose to survive. Their lives do not cry out with questions of why! They do not search the world for an answer to what humans are. They do not question why, they just do. Now one may say that this is obvious. These animals have no cognitive self-consciousness of their lives. They do not interact as humans do. They do not question, they are not as “evolved as humans.” But I do not wish to question the obvious. However, if these animals live their lives at such a primitive state, why, as humans rely on constantly …show more content…
I am governed to live a life of peace and compassion. I am to value to poor and weak over the rich and strong. However, if all these actions are towards a life of “pleasing and impressing” other around me, just in order to reach the reward at the end, is this the way which is truly correct. Is this the life which I should truly be living? In essence, as I live my life, I should not be aware of why I am living this way, but to merely accept that this is my life. I wish to be so dedicated towards the kindness and compassion which I am entitled to live by that the rewards are not even important in the

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