My Reading Experience Analysis

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My Reading Experiences “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” (Addison). Reading is in all different forms and at some part of your life I am guessing you learned how to read. Have you ever thought where your experiences of reading has taken you or why you pick up a book in the first place is it because you have to, school work, just plan interested in reading, or maybe your job. Everyone has their own reason for reading. Reading is a big part of my life and should be a part of everyone’s also, reading as taught everyone has their own way of reading, helped me with school, and more importantly has given me many memories that I will always have to share. When I started reading it was not my favorite thing to do, I always felt …show more content…
My parents started reading to me from the day I could remember, one specific memory is every Christmas Eve my parents would read me 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, this is a memory I will always remember sitting around the fire with my family and listening to my mom read this book to us every year. Another memory is my teachers reading to me, I know all my teachers read to me but there is one teacher that always stood out to me when she read and I still remember today, every day she would read a few pages out of the series of books Junie B. Jones, she got me hooked on those books and I remember every book fair I would get a new book to read at home because she made the books so much fun to read. As my friends reading to me that was also a favorite of mine, friends and I use to play teacher all the time and that is how my friend and I really got good at reading and writing we would make up assignments for one another to do and help each other read to one another. I think it is good to have memories like this with certain people because you can always look back and see where your habits of reading came from and who taught you what you know today. “It is enough to say the dear little fellows, that they lived off Philot Street, very near Durgin and Bailey’s shipyard” (Douglas 637). Douglas explains that he will always remember the boys that helped him learned to read as a slave, just as I will remember the ones that helped myself. As readers we all have our certain ways of reading, how it has helped us for the better, and the great memories that you will always have. No one can tell you how to read or what to read. Find what most interest you and let the book take control there, you will know when you find the book for you, and you will not want to set the book

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