What Is My Experience In High School Essay

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When I started high school I had thought I was pretty smart. I was a freshmen in Algebra II and in other honors classes on top of that. I set a goal my first year of high school to be in the top ten percent of my graduating class. I thought I could accomplish everything, I thought I was on top of the world, I thought that I was one of those smart kids at school, and I thought I would have it easy in high school. Needless to say I could not accomplish everything, I was not what I thought I was, and high school was not like I thought it would be. I was setting myself up for failure.
My freshmen year started off well, I was definitely on the right path, my grades looked good and I was confident in my achieving my goal. My parents were proud, I
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This is the year I also decided to push myself harder than years previous. I got a job and was taking different types of classes, I was in newspaper for the first year and it was a challenge to find time to do all the information gathering for each story I had to write while doing homework, working, and going to band required events. One of my teachers, Mrs. Kline encouraged me and helped me through it. She gave me extensions on due dates while I was getting used to my new busy schedule, though it probably was beneficial at the time but I wonder if it has really helped me. That first semester of my junior year was my first year in high school that I received straight A’s, I was so happy that I did it but I still did not think I was …show more content…
I feel like an outsider. Friends I have had since I moved to Haysville are up on this wall that I always wanted to be own. They earned their way up there and I am proud of them, do not get me wrong but it is hard. It is hard walking by a wall that you always wanted to be on but you are not up there. Every day is like this, every day is a reminder of what I am not. I am not one of the top kids in my grade. And now all I have to accomplish is graduating and maybe, just maybe, passing those two people in front of me before May hits, but that is not very likely to

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