What Is My Career Essay

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Mechanics is the field in which people work on the everyday vehicles that everyone uses. there are many fields within that subject. I plan on working under the hood and under the car on the things that make the car run. I will be working with the combustion systems, AC systems, electrical systems, tires and whatever else covers the systems inside the car. Cosmetology consists of the cutting and styling people 's hair and also taking care of their nails. Such as making acrylic nails, manicures and professional painting.
The plan I had for my life after high school had been a plan I had for about 2 years while I lived in Boise going to Borah High School. I was in AVID which was a college prep course mostly made for accelerated students who
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I considered with question a lot while I went through high school, what do I want to do with my life after I finish high school? Though in AVID it was also required we find a profession that we are planning to do, and apply for a college that would be able to support the profession that you had chosen. My interests never truly changed or were affected by anything that I have crossed while still taking the time to debate my future. It normally doesn’t take much to change my mind but when it deals with my future, I’m more stubborn than …show more content…
This isn’t my reason, I chose these because I love them and have very happy thoughts of these activities. Not to mention that if I am not working with my hands somehow I get bored and really antsy as if I have everything to do. It’s said that if you find something you love and that makes you happy to do every day, you never work a day in your life. That is my goal, I could care less about money or how much of a bonus I get from doing my job. Money runs the world but I feel happiness should run however much of life I have left. These professions are not where people want to be if they are interested in making a ton of money and living the big life. I want to just live a normal life, nothing too big and nothing too

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