What Is It Like For A Computer Programmer? Essay

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What is it Like to be a Computer Programmer?

In today’s society every person has a computer, or phone in their hands. Of course, we use the internet to check our favorite website or favorite game. From the outside it is only a website or app, but behind that website, that you use everyday to entertain yourself, there is a person that spent countless hours trying to make that website function properly. A computer programmer. We might not think much of what is behind the website that we use every day, but there is a lot going on. A computer programmer is a person that writes a set of directions for a computer to follow, in other words coding. It is interesting to learn what is going on behind that website that a person so much likes. Like, how does it work? What type of computer language is used? How has programming expanded websites, or games? We will see the history behind programming, what do programmers do and some considerations a person might have when looking into this job.
The first computer programmer was a woman, Ada Lovelace. Ada was born in 1815, and she had the rare opportunity to study mathematics, which was unusual for women in that time. When she was seventeen she met a man, Charles Babbage, where he introduced her to a machine that used punch cards to control the machine. Ada became interested in this machine, therefore she studied the machine. Later she translated and published a paper of an Italian engineer, Luigi Menabrea, and added her own notes where…

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