What Is High School In A Nutshell Essay

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High School in a Nutshell
People say high school is about getting a good education and getting into a good college. Well, this is true and people should care about education, but to me, high school is about making memories that will last a lifetime. High school is also about figuring out who matters, who did matter, and also who will never matter. The life of the typical high student is characterized by time spent studying, attending class, and socializing with peers.
My grades in high school stayed at above a B for the most part. I had a C- my first semester of American Government because I made the mistake of not studying and just winging everything. As the years of high school began, I received mostly A’s with a few B’s and an occasional
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This is because colleges look at how you do during your high school years and they can tell if you slacked off or not. If they see you were a slacker, they probably will not acknowledge you like would with someone who has excellent grades and put time and effort into high school. Another piece of advice would be make sure you come to school because missing one day could mean you missed a major lecture or even a test or quiz, If you know you will miss a day, go ask all your teachers what you will be missing so the work can be caught up while you 're gone. Do not get into the drama group because drama is not worth your time. Spend time with the friends who are there for you no matter what. Also, make high school fun so the stress does not overcome your happiness. Make unforgettable memories that will be there for the rest of your life. My advice to seniors would be make sure to take a few classes that will benefit you for college. This will help you get a feel for what the college classes will be like. Make sure this year you keep your grades up and you keep up with the classes you take. Also, have fun and make memories like I said to the freshman. I am proud of being on the honor roll and also being able to say I am in NHS (National Honor Society). Not everyone gets the experience of being in NHS, so for me to have the chance to be on it, I made sure I kept my grades up so I would not get kicked off. I regret not studying as hard or as much as I should have because I could have been on highest honor roll every quarter if I would have. My biggest accomplishments throughout high school would be making honor roll, and also being in NHS. I worked hard once I got on NHS because the thought of being kicked off, haunted

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