What Is Globalisation? Essay example

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Globalisation is the process of communication and unification among companies, governments and the people of different nations. Globalisation is driven by international trade and investment and it is supported by the increased use of technology which is recent years has been greatly improved. Globalisation has a great effect of the environment, on political systems and economic development around the world. There are four types of globalisation, (1) technological, (2) economic, (3) political and (4) cultural.
Technological globalisation is the spread of technology and the link that it creates between states in terms of how it has improved in recent years. Communication between states has improved greatly due to the advancing nature of
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However economic globalisation also has some negative aspects surrounding it. The realist view on economic globalisation questions the notion that globalisation is associated with a shift towards peace and cooperation. Rather they believe that heightened economic interdependence is more likely to create ‘mutual vulnerability’ which can lead to conflict rather than cooperation. They believe that developments such as the open trading system, the global financial market were put into place more to advance the interests of the western states (especially the USA) rather than as a means to create equality.
Political globalisation refers to the growth and spread of political ideas and the interconnectedness between states. Political globalisation means that states can come together and combine their ideologies and use this as a means to improve political global issues, they can also use this as means to improve their connections with other countries which can prove to be extremely beneficial especially when it comes to trade. NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) is a prime example of political globalisation, it main purpose is to safeguard the freedom and security of its members through political and military means. NATO promotes democratic values and encourages consultation and cooperation on defence and security issues to build trust and to prevent conflict. Another example of political globalisation can be seen

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