How Has Globalization Affected Families

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In my viewpoint, globalization is a practice by which the world is becoming gradually connected and as an outcome trade and cross-culture diversity increases. Globalisation enhances the use of outsourcing and offshoring products. The perception of family has been changing due to global revolution. As a unit is impacting families in multi-dimensional modes in all parts of the world via the food, the dress code, the music, the information we get and the ideas we hold. The main classification of globalization: Economic Globalisation, Political Globalisation, Social Globalisation also have immensely affected family life. The Financial Globalisation, Cultural globalization, Military Globalisation and Technological Globalisation also had a hand in …show more content…
New multiplex globalized systems, their relationships, traditions, and values change due to families, colonies and social sectors involved in globalisatin. Even to very distant places rights and new concepts for children, women and their familial realtionships, citizenship, work and gender are transmitted by globalisatin.
Without any reservation as a metropolitan city has embraced digital development in Hong Kong. The fast development of cable TV effectively brings distant events over the world to the homes of most families. Incontrovertibly the effective agent of globalization include mass media which brings the cultures of different parts of the world to the families of Hong Kong. Throughout the world, the cuisines, clothing, styles, and etiquettes are exposed to local
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As in 80's or 90's people use to migrate from one place to another for sake of better life. People migrate for better education, for a better way of life, to get jobs and due to many other reasons, Same is the case today, people migrate due to political and economic reasons, and to get a different and quality lifestyle. Personal Perspective:
In my perspective, I believe that the Globalisation has immensely affected the family life as it makes us highly concerned global citizens. Globalisation have greatly influence the families. The impact of globalization on families is undeniable in terms of re-modeling the families. The globalization is a mean of more opportunities to travel, to meet people of different culture, to experience the lifestyle of different countries and to get access to the globalized world. The world has entirely grown up a single

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