What Is Family Values Essay

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To Value Is To Live

Has anybody ever told you that being human has its many perks? For example we all laugh and cry we all love and fall out of love. However we weren’t ever meant to be the same on the contraire we are very different creatures at the source from the fingerprints we leave behind to the way we enjoy our freshly brewed coffee every single morning. All of this makes us whom we are but in my opinion what really defines a person for whom they are is what they value at heart. What a person values contributes to whom that person is and it defines what that person believes to be correct. They say that most of the values that we hold dear begin within the walls of our home and it’s because of this that we are greatly influenced
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They also believed that if you were sitting down and your grandmother, aunt or uncle would walk into the room you would have to get up and shake their hand and even offer your seat to them this was a sign of respect in my family and yet it could get quite annoying if you had a lot of uncles and aunts over for a …show more content…
I enjoy cracking a joke or two when people are sad I also enjoy being around people who have a sense of humor whereas my parents are more of the serious types they would always tell me to remain serious and not to smile or anything especially my dad he would always tell me not to smile in pictures because according to him it would make you less of a man. Humor was something that I didn’t pick up from my parents but I did pick up from watching television and movies such as stand up comedies and my personal favorite robbing Williams stand up. Another thing I value is fairness I believe that people should get what they need when they need it I believe people shouldn’t suffer for freedom or for equality I believe we were all created equal and we all deserve the best. This value was perhaps something that I learned growing up the eldest with many brothers and sisters as I would see how sometimes they would be treated unfair and how it was

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