Essay What Is Creativity? By Boden 's Theory

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What is creativity? According to Boden’s Theory, it is “the ability to generate novel and valuable ideas”(), with novel containing two categories: Physiological and Historical. These, respectively, pertain to the act of coming up with an idea and how often the idea has been thought of before. This is a very scientific definition of creativity, but many average people may consider it to be a factor related to success in creating art, music, and theater. While these items often depend on creativity, being creative impacts a very broad variety of fields, and plays a large role in success and problem solving. Many classes in schools that encourage creativity, such as the arts, are discouraged and enforced to be replaced by more math and science based classes, and in some cases, are not even offered anymore. The value in taking a creative class far outweighs the one extra academic credit that one might replace it with. Creativity can be a necessity for developing important skills for the present and future, and a class that taught creativity would have the potential to greatly reduce stress in students. Creative thinking is a crucial skill that students can use in order to develop and grow into smarter, more capable adults, and a class to develop this skill should be offered in high school. Students, particularly in high school, are more stressed than they have ever been. Over one-third of millennials feel stress everyday, compared to 30% of people from Generation X and 24% of…

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