The Effect Of Schools And Creativity By Line Dalile

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The Effect of Schools and Creativity
As children grow up some people notice a change in the creativity among children. Growing up in school systems that raise students to be very similar to one another is a bad thing. Children played with LEGOS as kids; no one told them how to put the pieces together, they used their creativity to make master pieces while freeing their minds. The ideas and creativity of children are no longer accepted because teachers want projects done one way, no acceptations. As the students grow and gain more knowledge all they are doing is studying for a test, later forgetting everything. When analyzing the article “How Schools Are Killing Creativity”, written by Line Dalile, one can identify that schools are in fact killing
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Schools and classrooms are taking away the ability of students to think the way they want. This weakens the creativity among students and peers; soon the whole class or school will have the same thoughts. As adults were raised, they probably encountered the same things many people see today. Their creativity was not accepted and they began to slowly lose it. Parents and teachers do not see a problem with this today because that is how they were raised; they have had an abstinence of creativity for a while and do not see a problem with students losing theirs as long as they seem to appear successful. The purpose of targeting students with is article is because students must deal with this every day, following certain rules or guidelines provided by the higher up officials. If these rules or guidelines are not followed, most students will be punished or receive a low grade. Even though the students tried, their creativity took them down a different path in which the teacher did not agree with. By encountering this, students will make a mental note to remind themselves, “This did not work, better not do that again”, slowly most of their creativity will be lost and everyone will start having similar ideas. Dalile also targets parents so they can understand what will happen when their students begin school. Surely parents must see a difference as their children grow up; their creativity is not as strong as it was when they were younger. Parents need to understand what their students are going through at school; find a way to help prevent the loss of creativity among children. The last and most important audience targeted are teachers and school faultily. Teachers are the main reason creativity is killed in the classrooms. Teachers expect things to be accomplish one way, if it is not that way then it is wrong. Teachers need

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