What Are The Causes Of Childhood Obesity Persuasive Essay

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Childhood obesity
Child obesity is huge in America, we are known as the fattest of them all. There are so many children that suffer from diabetes and other health problems because of their weight. Although child obesity is a huge problem across the world, physical activity, healthier food choices, and a change in medication would help lower the numbers.
Imagine walking into the kitchen after a long day of school opening the fridge to get something to eat, children see an apple and a piece of cake sitting on the counter contemplating which snack should be chosen. Of course the piece of cake looks delicious especially with that frosting spreaded all over the top and sides mmm, although there 's a healthier alternative the “apple”. Most children
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Parents should help them exercise at least thirty minutes a day so they 're getting some physical activity done once a day to stay in shape, schools can help children like P.E giving students free time to go play some basketball, football or, something productive to get them active and healthy.
Also, schools can help children with childhood obesity by serving a healthier lunch option to the kids and give fruit out as well. There are many ways to help children, but first it starts with themselves making better choices and wanting to be able to live a long and healthier lifestyle as they get older. If children don 't start making better decisions on what they eat and try to maintain a good balanced nutrition they won 't be able to see or live a long life that they plan to. There are various solution but nobody want to use those
Mendoza 4 solution or even try to. Stuff isn 't handed to people, if they want a skinny body and want to live a long life they have to work for it and want to be healthier as they get older.
Nobody has tried or even attempted to solve this issue because this has been going on for a very long period of time and the rates of childhood obesity has just
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Luckily physical activity can help a child realize that it is important for them to stay healthy to live a long and prosperous life. They can be able to pass this on to the next generation and etc. Physical activity, healthier food choices and change in meds can all be helpful to change a life from being obese to having a healthier bod they’ll enjoy in the future. Parent and children must gain knowledge of the dangers of being
Mendoza 8 obese, and what it can cause as that person gets older. Some people don 't like to exercise because of whatever reason and so have their opinions on what would be more beneficial in losing weight.
Although people have their own opinions, some argue their strategy to fix the problem is better than most other strategies. For example, Frieden, Dietz, and even
Collins argue that choosing healthier foods to lower childhood obesity is the best way to go. They explain that “Changing our food environments can improve nutrition and reduce obesity through a three prong strategy: altering relative food prices, shifting our exposure to food…..”(Frieden 6). Although this solution can be beneficial for children it does not ensure that they will drop the weight from choosing healthier foods and

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