What Is A Roman Tribune? Essay

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In this paper I will be answering three questions. What is a Roman Tribune? What was their roll in society? And why were Marullus and Flavius worried about the people? These are all very intriguing questions, and they involve much thought. I will be including multiple possible scenarios for the play “Julius Ceasar”. A Roman Tribune is an officer that guards people from oppression. In other words if a citizen is being oppressed by the government, a nobleman, a patrician, etc. the Tribune will protect the people’s liberties. There were six Roman Tribunes, in each legion, in Rome. Roman Tribunes nominated centurions, and told them what company to go to. At first, Tribunes were chosen by kings and consuls, but as time went on they were chosen by the people. You weren’t eligible to be a Tribune, if you hadn’t served five years in the cavalry or ten years in the infantry. Roman Tribunes wore the same basic thing as the common soldier. The higher ranks had more decorated armor most likely. They usually wore a red cloak. There were three ranks of the Roman tribunes. The first rank (the lowest rank) was a Tribune, one of the six tribunes placed in a legion. There was also (in the same rank), a Primus Pilus, which usually was a young senator who was learning the basics for his career. The second rank was a Tribunus Cohortis, which was the commander of the Cohort military unit. The highest rank was a Tribunus Cohortis Urbanae, which was an Urban Cohort Commander. (Roman…

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