The Importance Of Tribune In The Roman Army

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A tribune is basically an officer of the Roman army they were below the legate and above the centurion. So they are basically the middle rank in the Roman army. They give commands to everyone that is under them and take orders from everyone that is above them. I wonder what it was like being in the Roman army. What type of weapons and armor did they use to defeat their enemies. How did they rank up in the Roman army was it by their loyalty or by how many kills they got in each battle. The people chose who will be in the Roman army. They do this so they know who is protecting them from danger. I think they did this so they felt protected. Cause if they don 't feel protected then they need to get different people in the Roman army. The whole …show more content…
They would collect taxes and pay the tribunes after 168 bc there was an difference between how much you made depending on your rank. (“Tribune roman official”, I think tribunes are important to the story because they protect everyone in the city. Brutus caesar 's nephew is a tribune. This means that caesar can get him to override a law for him. I think that is why he has him close to him cause if caesar needs to do something illegal he can not get arrested because brutus can override the law. I think that is why caesar is seen as such a powerful person because he cannot be touched by the law. He can basically do whatever he wants to do without question. This can be dangerous because this power can go to his head and he could go insane or push people that are close to him away. I think eventually brutus is going to feel like he is being used by his uncle and either kill him or just leave the country. If he does this then caesar can’t do whatever he wants to do then the people would see him as a regular person and not some “god”. I think brutus need to do this so the people of rome can see who he really is. Cause if what cassius is saying is true about caesar then cassius needs to be in caesar 's place because the stories that he was telling made caesar look really

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