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Registered Nursing Did you know that the career of nursing is the largest out of all health professions? Campaign for Actions mentions that there are over 3 million registered nurses (“Quick Facts”). As a nurse, you will help make people feel better, and are meant to be kind and compassionate even when it is hardest. I chose nursing because I love to help other people, and definitely want to be involved with a variety of people while working. I also know that I would want to be in health care. Even though nurses are taken for granted often, it is still a good job because you help people on a day to day basis. Career Details A registered nurse can do many different things on a daily basis. While some rn’s may administer medication …show more content…
There are also a lot of different types of nurses. Some nurses may work in a hospital or clinic while others could work in a home or more personal environment. A forensic nurse is often related to police work and deal with victims of assault and also help investigate crimes. Johnson and Johnson’s, “Discover Nursing” website, which gives insight to every nursing job imaginable, describes that a forensic nurse spends most of their time in an emergency room and are sometimes used in court cases (“Forensic Nursing”). A Hospice Nurse on the other hand is mainly focused on the comfort of a dying patient. They are often found working in a nursing home or a more personal space. The job also includes a lot emotional support and sympathy for the patient 's family and friends (“Hospice Nursing”). A third option that relates to the job of a registered nurse is a cardiac care unit nurse. Cardiac care nurses deal with heart conditions and diseases of the heart. “Discover Nursing” states that, “As a Cardiac Care Nurse, you can help a wide variety of patients, from children to the elderly, in surgical or ambulatory settings” (“Cardiac Care Nurse”). A Military Nurse is fairly self explanatory. They work with wounded or sick soldiers all around the world. (“Military Nurse”). Lastly, a Telephone Triage Nurse is someone who can answer medical or health questions over the phone. They are trained to ask patient specific questions …show more content…
There are also many different fields of nursing to go into, to fit all different types of personalities. Nursing is a rapidly growing career and nurses are needed all over the world.

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