Essay on What Is A One Minute Manager?

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The One Minute Manager

What is a One Minute Manager?
It has been said that the definition of “Working effectively” consists of two things: achieving goals and feeling good about yourself. A One Minute Manager helps you to achieve these two ideals. Effective managers, such as One Minute Managers, manage themselves and the people they work with so that both the organization and the people profit from there presence. A one minute manager is not one who is more profit oriented or people focused, he/she believes that the two go hand in hand. A One Minute Manager applies three concept/secrets that help them and there company achieve the highest level of efficiency and productivity. A one minute manager also believes it is important to keep the overall office moral in good spirits at all times. If done correctly, a One Minute Manager is always a successful manager.

Secrets to becoming a One Minute Manager
There are three secrets to becoming an effective One minute manager:
1) One minute goal setting ⎟ 2) One minute praising ⎟ 3) One minute reprimand

One minute goal setting acts as the foundation for One Minute Management. This process allows for the manager and employee to communicate effectively and efficiently. During one minute goal setting, the manager and employee sit down and agree on specific goals in which they wish to achieve before a task is done. Each goal is recorded on one piece of paper and is a maximum of one page. When the goal is completed it is checked…

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