One Hour Manager: Search For An Effective Manager

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The theme of the book was very simple, a young man was observing how managers work and he was in search for an effective manager. He eventually found an effective manager and wanted to know his secrets. The only thing that the effective manager told the young man is that he is called the “one minute manager.” But the problem was that the one minute manager would not tell the young man his secrets. The young man had to meet with the workers that report to the one minute manager to figure out his secrets. The young man met with three of the workers, and each of those workers had nearly the same response to every question that the young man asked. The one minute manager has three secrets, and the young man got a grasp on all three of those secrets …show more content…
The main objective of one minute goal setting is agreeing on the goal, once everyone agrees the goal then it’s easier to perform the action and do a good job on it. The second secret to one minute managing is one minute praising. In the workforce feedback is important, and in most places the only feedback is negative feedback. However, the one minute manager believes in praising workers immediately after they perform well. The one minute manager has a motto, “Help people reach their full potential, catch them doing something right” (Blanchard and Johnson, 39). When the one minute manager catches people doing something right, it makes those workers feel good about them and improves them as workers. The third and final secret is one minute reprimands. One minute reprimands are when a person does something wrong, the one minute manager comes in and tells them what they did wrong and how he feels about them being wrong. The one minute manager will do that for about thirty seconds, the next thirty seconds he praises them. When he praises them he talks about how much he values …show more content…
The one minute manager focuses a lot on being efficient and effective with his goals. The management process includes: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Planning and organizing fit into the first secret, one minute goals. When creating one minute goals, workers plan and organize to see if the goal will work to help the organization. To be organized, everyone must be on the same page. Leading would fit into the category of one minute praising. When praising a person, it motivates them to achieve the overall main goal of a situation. Controlling would go into the one minute reprimand section. When reprimanding a worker, the one minute manager will immediately go to that worker and take corrective action to make sure that the error or mistake will not happen again. The one minute manager has extremely good human skills. Human skills or “soft skills” are the ability to interact with people, cooperate with others to get things done, ability to motivate, inspire, trust, and communicate. The one minute manager cooperates with others to get things done by praising workers when performing well, he also motivates and inspires whenever he praises them too. The process of the three secrets corresponds very similarly with the five step process of strategic management

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