What If Airplanes Were Never Invented? Essay

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Humans have always had a fascination with flying since the beginning of time. Hot air balloons were invented in 1783, one step closer to the airplane. The balloon is filled with hot air, which makes the balloon fly to the air because hot air is lighter than cool air. The only problem with the hot air balloon was that you could not control the direction it was going. The first airplane was actually a glider. This aircraft was launched from a cliff or from any high place. It rode on the wind to the ground. Sir George Cayel made the first glider that flew. The aircraft could not occupy passengers. He also made a glider that flew his coachmen. In 1843, William S. Henson patented plans for an airplane after trying to build a …show more content…
This would mean more young people dying and funeral homes would be making more money than they already do. Exotic foods and flowers now come on planes. We would not be able to enjoy yummy Chinese candy or beautiful, expensive flowers. We would get bored eating, drinking, and entertaining ourselves with the same local stuff we would have day to day. We would all die from boredom.
If airplanes were not invented, Hollywood would not be the same. Some of the best movies of all time have a plot or setting with airplanes. The movie Airplane takes place on an airplane high in the air. This movie grossed about 84 million dollars and came out with a sequel two years later. What would have happened if no airplanes were invented? Would we have the movie Boat? Paramount pictures would probably not have been successful. Another movie that is an important part of pop culture is Snakes on a Plane. The movie is about snakes that are smuggled onto a plane and the passengers need to save themselves because the snakes have escaped from their cages. This movie is a popular scary movie among teens. But what if it was never created because there was no such thing called an airplane? We would not have this movie and the scary movie genre would not be complete. Another movie that is based on airplanes is The Aviator. This movie is about Howard Hughes’ and his pilot life and his many adventures

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