Essay about What I Want My End Product

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1a. When a major challenge presents itself I am able to set back and assess whether or not I am in need of outside help. I am great at advocating for myself in order to make steps towards progress. I allow myself time to understand what I want my end product will or what I need in order to surpass this challenge. After assessing the situation I find myself making well thought out plan/ agenda that will in my opinions produce thoughtful, strategic, and on time results. I find that having a an organized plan for an issues especially academic wise is essential. In these agendas I give myself timelines, breaks, and rewards so that I am les likely to be discouraged on the journey. Like any challenge often times failure will be encountered, I through the help of my mother have gained the skill of seeing failure not as setbacks but as “fresh starts”. I am not afraid to scrap an Idea and starts with fresh even if I was halfway finished. I am able to enter cycles of trial and error until I am able to create a solution the is best fit for my situation
1b. An example when I faced a major challenge was when coming to the United States. Going to school quickly became a nightmare for me. I was uncomfortable with the fact that others were ahead of me and were able to communicate at a higher level than I was. At a very young age I began to think of myself as someone who couldn’t grasp something simple as speaking the language I was expected to. I was assigned extra help and had to…

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