Essay on What I Want About My Dad

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Have you ever noticed how almost instantaneously people judge other people? You could deplete only five minutes with a person and they are already tweeting about how you hold your fork while eating, or how you wear long sleeve shirts when it’s 97 degrees outside. In today’s society if you aren’t wearing what the “cool kids” think are “in season” or articulating in the new slang, or on the most prominent new social app, you are contemplated, as a mutant to society. An outsider. A misfit. Today, that is just how the world is designed.

You could assert that I’m one of the cool kids that is conjectured to have everything together, the person that has all A’s, has an impeccable home life, the prosperous get whatever I want kind of person. At least that is what I get abstracted has. My dad is a doctor so that is where society gets the prosperous part from. Yes, I do get adequate grades because I have to and it is what I 'm conjectured to do. I have an extensive house, a nice magnitude of land, various amounts of animals, a fearsome jeep, you undoubtedly could say that on the outside I have the superb life. But, that 's only the outside surface.

My path with literature began when I was six years old. I had this journal that I hid very well within my room, it had a black cover and had about a million stickers on the front and back, pages were worn and had many different water marks from where I would have spilt something, or tears. The first word on the first page of my…

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