What I Learned My Primary Learning Style Essay

1003 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 5 Pages
Through these tests I have learned my primary learning style, my top five strengths, and the level of my multiple intelligences. I learned that my main learning style is kinesthetic, so I learn more through doing and using my senses. Secondly, I learned that my top five strengths are group relations, integrator, believing, equalizer, and historian. Lastly, I learned the ranking of my multiple intelligences which are, from highest to lowest: interpersonal, kinesthetic, linguistic, logical, intrapersonal, visual/special, naturalistic, and musical. The only results I was surprised in seeing was having historian as a strength, since I don’t really find myself knowledgeable about history, the fact that knowing myself was such a low intelligence, because not knowing myself wasn’t something I really thought about until this test suggested it, and the fact my highest intelligence was knowing other people. Everything else was basically nothing surprising. I already know I can manage groups well, due to prior experience of always being the one who organizes the group work and makes sure to include everyone’s opinion or idea into the assignment. I know
I can be very logical in situations that call for it, since I have often been a mediator in problems between intimate friends, as well as have been a source of advice or insight by many friends; I also am the kind of person that looks for reason behind everything because I usually cannot accept “it just is” as an answer. I…

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