What I Learned From The Middle East Essay

723 Words Sep 3rd, 2015 3 Pages
When I first came here from the Middle East I did not know English. I was worried for my family and myself. The culture here is much different than the culture where I am from. Classes move very quickly and the assignments are very different. Before I came here I had a five day long meeting that helped me prepare myself for American culture. We discussed behavioral things, such as what to ask, social networking, and research. At home in my country, I read the news before going out, here is much different since I do not know a lot of English. I have encountered different kinds of issues from using the wrong word to ruing in the wrong assignment. I felt silly for using the wrong words and sometimes frustrated for not knowing the correct word or form.
One of the classes I took required me to teach other students and that was difficult. Not only did I have to know exactly what to say I had to make sure I understood what I was going to teach also. I practiced a lot, but practicing only helped with the English portion of the assignment, not the actual facts or knowledge I would be presenting. My professor was very nice and helped me a lot before and after the assignment, which helped me learn. Culture and communication go hand in hand so to learn one I have to learn the other. The culture that I was introduced to helped me learn what life would be like in and outside of the classroom. It was helpful to know where others are from because that helped me learn how I should…

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