Essay on What I Learned At Biola University

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In all honesty, as I was taking this StrengthsQuest quiz I was skeptical as to how well the results would describe me. However, as I looked at the five adjectives on my screen- Includer; Adaptability; Individualization; Communication and Empathy, I was shocked to realize that these five words described me perfectly. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been known as the “initiator” and the “communicator”. My parents would always tell me that when I was young, I would bring all my toys over to my next door neighbor and play with her for hours. Therefore, I’ve learned at a young age to accept and appreciate others around me, despite their differences. This is why I would agree that I am both an includer and communicator, because I love talking to strangers and putting myself in “their shoes.” People are interesting and we all have a story to tell. Thus, at Biola University, I know God is preparing me to step out of my “comfort zone” and to reach new goals. I can use these characteristics to help others by reaching out hand to them by stopping and talking to them or by offering a hand. These qualities connect to my hopes of becoming a Speech Pathologist because everyone, no matter how old or young, has a need to be acknowledged. Therefore, I hope to remind my clients that anyone, even those with disorders and impairments, can make an impact on the world. Also, as a speech pathologist, one has to be clear and good at communicating to both the child and the parents. What…

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