What I Learned And Who I Am As A Writer Essay

1436 Words Dec 6th, 2014 null Page
As we all know, the final Unit assignment is a personal reflection about what I’ve learned and who I am as a writer. In my opinion, only talking about everything I learned can be really a boring thing, I prefer to talk more about myself, my changes throughout the semester. After all, most of people like biographies much more than academic reports.
You should know, readers, as a writer, I have an obvious difference from others.
I’m an international student, come from China.
You should also know that this is my first few months in America; I started to study English for only less than a year. Actually students in China do study English since the first grade, but the level is very low, it means that students should know 3500 words when they graduate from high school and can write an essay about 80 words, really few, right? It can only make sure that people can communicate with foreigners on daily topics, like the weather, the address, and the words to show politeness. So when I decided to study abroad, extending my vocabulary to about 12000 can be really a horrible thing. Chinese is totally different from English; I can’t find any common aspects they share. Therefore, not like international students from Europe or Latin America who speak France, Spanish and German, at least they are derived from Latin and more or less share the same logic of word-construction, grammar, and alphabet. But Chinese have none of them, how can you tell a student to remember almost 9000 words in three…

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