What I Learned About My Life Essay

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I remember having my hair in three ponytails with pink knockers, jumbo twist, and a tiny clip at the end. I was drinking strawberry milk, at a wooden table that had a vase filled with sunflowers in the middle of it. I watched my grandmother read the Savannah Morning Newspaper with coffee stains on the front page. The stains came from putting her coffee mug on top of the paper to get up and stir the cheese grits that were on the stove. I always used to ask, “Grandma, can I have the funny page?” This one particular evening grandma left the paper on the table; I wanted to mimic her daily routine, so I sat in her chair, with her Coach eyeglasses on and began reading the front page. My reading was not very fluent but my uncle saw what I was doing and made me read out loud. From that day on grandma always brought two newspapers.

In second grade, I excelled at reading out loud in class, my teacher did not have to correct me nor tell me what a word meant like many of the other students. It came to a point, that I would not take a nap like my classmates, but I would take a book out my Dora the Explorer book bag. I had stolen the book off the shelf in my grandma’s den, it probably was sitting there since 1985, and it smelled like dry soap and pressure. One day, my teacher said, “Aaliyah, what are you reading,” and I replied, “Mrs. Mincey, I am reading Hatchet.” She had become concerned at how much I mastered to read fluently without the help of an adult. Her, discussing the…

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