Essay on What I Learned About My Learning Style

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Growing up I never really had a problem when it came to learning. It did not matter what the subject was, I always found a way to learn it. You know at that time of my life, caring about ‘how’ I learned was of no care to me just as long as I received no less than high B as my grade. I recently taken a self-assessment to see what my primary learning style is and the results were unsurprising. At 30% auditory, 35% visual, and 35% for tactile, the self-assessment reveals that I am a Visual/Tactile learner. As a visual learner, I have to read the manual and see the object grasp what I need to know. I always had to open up some device, if it was broken, and find out why. I guess that is why I am also a tactile learner.

I believe that I am well balanced leaner being that the self-assessment displays my learning style equally visual and tactile; however, I may prefer one way of learning depending on the situation. I guess I was oblivious to way I obtain information; nonetheless, I think it is awesome having the ability to choose learn something by reading and seeing, a hands-on approach, or even both. I think that is why I excel as a technician due to it being a job where you have being visual and tactile learner is critical.

At the moment, I am a maintenance technician for Gloabalfoundries, a semiconductor company. This sector was so foreign to me I almost did apply for the position as I felt I would not be able to learn everything on the checklist within my 90-day…

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