What I Know About Someone With Whom You Are Particularly Friendly With Friends?

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Think for a moment about someone with whom you are particularly friendly with and discuss what you like about them and how the relationship got started.

We first met when we were freshmen in highschool, I was a new student that year and didn’t know anyone. I met this person from the group of friends I fell into on the first day, we all become close and still talk everyday. But what I like about this certain person from my friend group, is that we play off each other very well, we always have comebacks for each and we pretty much just bicker all the time. The bickering is the main part of our relationship, but it’s not in a mean way it’s fun and lighthearted, were pretty much just messing with each other. We’ve always been that way and as time has gone on it’s just become a part of our friendship. We have a group text message for our group of friends that we talk in everyday, we talk about a lot of what goes on in day, the funny things we see, what annoyed us, or just random tidbits. It’s nice to have that constant line of communication and know that someone is always there to listen to your day.

Write out one list with the features of the friend that you like and those that you dislike (10 items; it does not matter how many are positive and how many are negative).

My list of things that I do like about him would include that he is funny,checks up on other people,always there for you,a source of entertainment, easy to talk to, and that he is overall a very nice person.…

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