What I Know About Myself Essay

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Growing up in life I have realized that school may not be the thing for me. I have always struggled to be a consistent student and was honestly surprised when I made it to college. Since my freshman year I have always thought that the Military might be the path for me. One thing that I know about myself is that I need structure to succeed, where has more structure than our armed forces? One thing I knew about myself is that if I joined the Military I wouldn’t want to be just another soldier on the ground. The idea of working in an embassy or being stationed in another country has always intrigued me, So I started researching. With the Idea of working overseas implanted in my brain I started my research on the United States in foreign countries. I was curious to what I might find regarding this topic. I know that there is are very mixed thoughts on or Military being placed throughout the world but I did not expect to find the types of information that I stumbled upon. It turns out that not every other country is as super happy with us being located in their nation as we are! Modarressy-tehrani, Caroline and the article “Why Does The U.S Keep Getting Involved In Conflict?” Vs. What does the U.S military do around the globe?
Vine, David.
Caroline touches on what is believed the United States does throughout the globe. Caroline writes a list of countries “Including Ukraine, Gaza, Syria, Yemen and Pakistan” and the certain reasons the United States is installed in these…

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