What I Have Learned About College Essay

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The past three chapters in The College Transfer Success book had me assessing myself, so that I could decide what I want to major in, what I value in a college, as well as where I want to go to college. In this paper, I will discuss what I have learned about college and about myself.
Over the course of the chapters in this workbook, I have learned how to efficiently study and learn in a way that is best for me. I have learned this by figuring out my learning style and how I learn. My learning style is verbal and logical. This means that I learn best by talking myself through something and making mnemonics or songs. I study best by highlighting as I read and by making system diagrams to understand how they are connected. After some extensive soul searching, I have figured out my ideal college culture. College culture is a combination of academic focus, language, behavior, values, philosophy, and outlook that is part of a college education. My ideal campus would be a medium size college in a suburban city with a below average number of people. Quick tips about college culture that were especially helpful for me was (1) to not go to a college based on where your friends are going and (2) to never be afraid to apply to “fantasy” colleges. This is important to me because some of the colleges I was looking at were ones where my friends were going. Also, some of the colleges I was excluding where “fantasy” colleges for the reason that I thought I would not achieve the…

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