What I Decided For My Behavior Change Assessment Essay

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According to WebMD (2010) weight loss has to do with 80% food, 10% training, and 10% genes. Food has always been a problem for me and my weight loss journey. I love to eat out and there was a point in time where I only had soda with my meals and hardly ever drank water. However, as time passed, I noticed that what I put into my body really affected how I felt and functioned for that day. I felt as though my body was shutting down and at my heaviest I noticed that my knees were hurting more and more each day. I decided for my behavior change assessment that I would clean eat; I would be specifically eliminating soda, juices, processed foods, and eating out. WebMD describes the clean eating diet as avoiding all saturated fat, trans fats, over processed, refined foods such as white flour, sugar, sugar-loaded colas, juices, and alcohol (WebMD, 2010).
Food choice decisions are frequent, multifaceted, situational, dynamic, and complex and lead to food behaviors where people acquire, prepare, serve, give away, store, eat, and clean up (Jeffrey Sobal & Carole Bisogni, 2009). Food choices are constantly changing as decades pass and more foods become abundant with each generation. Food now has a variety of additives that are added to foods to preserve, blend, flavor, color, thicken them, or add and replace essential nutrients. Some food choices can be due to the price difference. Fruits and vegetables can be pricey compared to unhealthy foods making someone opt out of buying…

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