What I Can Do With Your Mom Know? Essay example

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I know what I can do with all of these. I can kind of easily put myself in his shoes, because I would understand if he was saying, oh, I have a girlfriend, but I have never met her. That would suck for me too, but I feel like if that actually happened, I would make it so that we would be able to see each other.

Interviewer: Like, actually flying to meet each other?

Katlyn: Yeah, not all the time, but it would happen. I would be hard to bring it up to my mom too.

Interviewer: Does your mom know?

Katlyn: I feel like if it actually happens and we were talking more.

Interviewer: Your mom seems pretty supportive of your relationships online.

Katlyn: Because they are just friendships. If I had a boyfriend that lived in a different place, she would be like—

Interviewer: Yeah.

Katlyn: But, if it is like an Isabelle thing, were I am talking to, and about, him a lot, she would be better with it. I can be very specific because I can just go back to the conversations. It is not like I’m rephrasing what you are saying, you said that. I think if we just kept talking more and see if he does want it, and if he doesn’t then I can go.

Interviewer: So, you guys have been like talking or hanging out for a few weeks?

Katlyn: Yeah.

Interviewer: If you had somebody in person, like went to this school and were hanging out for a few weeks, is that about the time that you would bring up being exclusive with someone, boyfriend girlfriend?

Katlyn: Yeah, because we liked each other for a…

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