Essay on What Helps Us Rise From Our Lowest Point?

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What Helps Us Rise From Our Lowest Point? I remember when I was in grade eight, I had broken my arm for the first time. When my feet was stumbled by one of my grade seven friend during that basketball game after school, I knew something bad is going to happen to my right arm. Based on the diagnosis from the doctors, my arm was at a level three bone fracturing. That three months of living has given me more pain even than the bone breaking itself. After the doctors putted the plaster on my broken arm, I was forced to deal everything with only my left arm. Yet there was something more, three months without playing or practicing any basketball, it made my body movement and basketball skills regressed a lot. When I finally took down the plaster, I realized I was at lowest and weakest physical condition than ever, so does my basketball skills. I doubted myself, with such a poor body condition, am I blocked away from making progress again? Or will I be able to regain all my skills and go back to or even go beyond than the self before I broke my arm? And how can I do it? I started to practice basketball. Double the amount than before, the feeling once I lost with the balls has slowly came back into my hand, and it is more proficient than before. It only took me about half month to once again master all my skills and rebuild my body condition to a stronger stage. Despite the fact that I was not really skillful even from the first place, I was still shocked by the speed I recovered.…

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