What Happened Did You Win? Essay

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Romano looked up from the sofa to see Spain stumble through the door and nearly fall to his knees in exhaustion. Leaping up from his seat the younger caught him before he fell completely. “Spain” When he came home from battles, epically those he lost, Romano dropped ‘bastard’. “What happened did you, win?” He asked unsure but already knowing. If he had won Mexico would be there, having his ass handed to him by Romano himself. He felt Spain shake his head and try to walk forward. “Slow down, lets get you into bed and I’ll take care of the wounds” He hated when this happened. He loved Spain, although he would never admit it, and he didn’t like to see his usual cheerful caretaker, in distress or hurt, a frown didn’t suit the empire. Once the other was asleep and bandaged, Romano felt the time was now to talk to his brother. For a while he had been having this feeling, and at first he thought it was just his crazy imagination, but after months of it plaguing his mind, he realized it wasn’t him but his people, looking for change, looking for different. And if thats what they wanted then he would give it to them, but this was something to be discussed with his brother.

Mexico downed another thing of wine, as his brothers in arms around him sang the song of Mexican independence. They did it! They actually did it! They beat Spain! The great empire! He was free! Sure he would no doubt have to deal with the ambitious and rapidly growing country of America one day, but right now…

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