What Economic And Political Developments During Italy Provided The Setting For The Renaissance?

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a. What economic and political developments in Italy provided the setting for the Renaissance?

The Renaissance was one of the most famous and most productive time periods in all of European history. The nation of Italy paved the way for the Renaissance by providing the perfect setting for the Renaissance to occur.

During the 11th century many of the Northern Italian cities, where the Renaissance took place, prospered with wealth. This occurred because a few of the cities excelled in different things such as ship making and trade. The city of Florence is a good example of this as its people excelled in shipbuilding as well as trade and sold all types of goods and ships throughout Europe which made the country even wealthier. The country also excelled politically because Italy was able to focus on political matters instead of the economic issues due to the country’s wealth. With this new time to concentrate on political issues, the political leaders began to shape their political system to resemble Rome 's political system, since Rome had proven to be an adamant and powerful nation. By following Rome, Italy was able to build an army very similar to Rome 's and an active trading community, which increased the country 's wealth. All of these changes provided the perfect setting for the Renaissance.

The shortage of required work paved the way for the Renaissance since many people used their new free time to follow different interests, including art and architecture, which…

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