What Does The Word Relationship Has Become Extinct? Essay example

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The word relationship has become extinct. Do you remember when relationship were simple? I can remember simply checking a box yes or no to becoming someone’s girlfriend. The earlier romance movies demonstrated men opening doors or helping a woman over a puddle. What happened to chivalry? Chivalry is etiquette for men in the presence of a woman such as; pulling out chairs or walking her to the front door. Finding a real relationship in the twenty first century is harder than a rock. However, I have several friends that are in unhappy marriages, and find themselves cheating on their spouse. If couples embrace their sexual desires and identities, it would reduce infidelity.
Relationships are not complicated! Not knowing your sexuality and fulfilling your mate sexual desires are what makes the relationship complicated. Sexual desire is a strong force amongst the human nature (Birnbaum, Reis, Mizrahi, Kanat-Maymon, Sass, & Granovski-Milner, 2016). For years, my best friend battle within himself about who he really was. He has three children and two baby mothers. However, he is attached to both male and female. He states that he is not bisexual, but sexual fluid. He is attached to whoever he has a connection with. Because his current girlfriend will not fulfill his sexual fantasies, he allows a male to perform the duties. However, he jumped into a marriage with a woman too quickly. His parents are Christians and he was taught that he is supposed to…

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