Exploratory Research Proposal Topics

Marriages tend to be depicted as a magical and the perfect stage of a person’s life. However, marriage is not always a positive experience in real life. There are some factors that can change that magical dream of being happily married to an unhappy transition of a person’s life. One significant factor is the occurrence of extramarital affairs, or having sexual relationships with other people outside of the marriage. I am interested in conducting exploratory research about this topic. I want to find the reasons why married American men decide to engage in sexual acts outside of their marriage. I believe my research proposal will benefit families. This will educate them more about the negative outcomes that extramarital affairs
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One study showed that 22.7% of married men and 11.6% of women had committed extramarital affairs during their marriages. Furthermore, men engaged in 4.1% extramarital affairs while women percentage 1.7% within the last 12 months. These percentages exposed how men commit more extramarital sex than women (Olson, 2002). Most of the researches that were conducted about extramarital sex the main focus are the factors that lead couples to commit this disloyal action toward their spouses. There are some specific factors that can determine people engaging in sex outside their marriages such as gender, age, younger couples are more at risk, employment status and low marital satisfaction. For this reason, extramarital affairs have been important to researchers due to the negative effect it has in relationships. Couples who decided to stay together after a marital problem, they need to receive some kind of help such as marital counseling for the great impact it has on their lives. This article shows how men engaged in more sexual acts with other people beside their partners compared to …show more content…
However, through a deeper analysis of the data it was found that the differences between men and women engaging in sexual acts outside their marriage were minimize. Furthermore, the data helped researchers to discover how age is another factor that is contribute to infidelity. This shows that men while getting older, their ages increase the chances of getting involved in sexual relationships outside their marriages. Another important finding was how people who have experienced divorce and their attitudes are more acceptable toward extramarital sex. This influences people to be unfaithful to their partners in a high percentage. However, a survey conducted in 1989 showed how men engaged in extramarital sex in higher percent compared to women during the previous 12 months. The result of this survey was that 2.1% of men and 0.8 % of women had sex outside their marriages (Wiederman, 1997). This demonstrates how men are more likely to be unfaithful to their partners. This article illustrates that men commit more infidelity than women due to some factors such as age, divorce and

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