What Does The Practice Of Having Employer Sponsored Fitness Programs Benefit The Workplace?

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I am curious about motivation and how people can be motivated through alternative incentives other than money or things of monetary value. I also am curious as to how employer sponsored fitness programs benefit the workplace, because I farm for a living and at some point in the not so distant future I will need to hire employees and the nature of many agricultural jobs is physical and I think that could tailor well with the motivation of farm employees or any employees for that matter. Thirdly any incentive that would motivate people and save you money at the same time would be a great advantage to a company. This paper will provide evidence to answer how does the practice of having employer sponsored fitness programs benefit the workplace?

Annotated Bibliography

Goldstein, F., & Noyce, J. (2013). Well-Designed Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs Can Lead to a
Healthier Workforce. Population Health Management, 16(3), 214-215. doi:10.1089/pop.2013.1631

Goldstein and Noyce reported on which type of incentive program was likely to achieve the best outcome. They start off by informing the costs employers had to pay for an active employees health coverage. The average healthcare cost to the employer in 2011 was around $8,500 or about ¾ of the total cost, the employee paying the remainder. Goldstein and Noyce then go on to explain the two types of Incentive plans, one being based off participation and one being based off the outcome. The programs based off achievement…

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