Difference Between Employee Motivation Other Than Money

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Employee Motivation other than Money

From the early research about motivation, financial rewards were seen as the most important method to improve employees’ performance. However, with advances in the field of psychology, it became clear that other approaches could efficiently enhance the performance of employees. Indeed,it will be demonstrated that there are more sophisticated methods of motivating employees than money alone. The employers could manage their employees in a cheaper but more useful way. Motivation is defined to be internal and external factors which can enhance the desire and determination of a person. In career area, the most significant effect is make employees keep interest in their jobs. So, analyzing different demands
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Because if a company wants to be successful, the motivated employee will be an essential element that company needed. In this essay, the methods to motivate employees are categorized into two parts that is individual part and the corporate part. Then the analysis and evaluation of motivation methods other than money will be presented.

Firstly, the present situation is complex. As the world developed quickly, employees were not satisfied with only financial benefits. At the same time they started to pursuit some other more significant demands. Moreover, motivation in a financial way is a conventional but not an efficient way. Some research of meeting other aims show that partly psychological reasons could improve performance. Maslow’s (1987) Hierarchy of Human Needs indicates that the needs can be divided into higher-order needs and lower-order needs. Self-actualization needs and esteem needs are included by the high-order needs. Self-actualization needs involve participation in making decision, creative and challenging work. Indeed, job flexibility and autonomy will also
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According to the Maslow’s (1970) Hierarchy of Human Needs, it strongly suggests that needs should be divided into high-order and low-order needs. Furthermore, different extent to the needs should be satisfied in order. Although the existing theories have found some efficient methods, there are still diverse factors which affect performance much, such as individual needs and the ability of company to identify those needs. In order to motivate employees, researches suggest that integrated systems may have to be developed. However, at the same time, this method is time consuming and labor-intensive because it needs considerable data collection to implement such a system. To consider all advantages and disadvantages, the systems are needed. Although there are some drawbacks, the systems are required to build as soon as

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