What Does The Militant Or Macho Ways Some Fathers Raise Their Sons?

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But what of the militant or macho ways some fathers raise their sons? All men hear growing up is “man up.” With those two words man is not allowed a moment’s weakness or show any vulnerability. A man is to be strong and stoic. He is only to smile but not too much, laugh but not out loud. He is to show nothing but strength and operate accordingly. Upon his shoulders all other heads rest but not once is he allowed to lower his own head in tiredness or fatigue. Of course he never questions why he was hated when all he wanted to do is put down the shield and sword just once so he could express his emotion, to spill some of the water the things he has forever bottled deep down. With no avenue to express his emotion he feels there is no other way to raise his son but to be just that, a doing; a standing entity with no emotion; a robot. So he allows his daughter to cry and vent but not his son. She is allowed to be violent towards him but never to retaliate and most of all he shouldn’t don’t cry about the injustice. So what he’s not even allowed to defend himself and when tears is all he could afford to relieve pent up anger and frustration of helplessness, he’s not even allowed to do that. “Man up, boy.” “Don’t be a sissy.” “You laugh too much.” “You’re never serious.” “Boy, what’s wrong with you?” “Goddamit! Be a man, son!” “You better don’t cry.” “Protect your sister.” “What did I say, boy?” “You are to take care of your mother, son, now that I’m not…

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