The Rejoining Of Man And Christianity In The Bible

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1. The admirabile commercium (marvelous exchange) describes the exchange between Jesus and humanity, and the rejoining of man to God through his sacrifice. Since the Old Testament, sin has caused the breakdown in the relationship between mankind and God. This breakdown allowed for the destruction of the original communion. In order to resolve this, God sends his only Son, Jesus, to take on the sins of mankind, redeem them, and help them reestablish their relationship with God. This exchange was seen by Saint Paul, and later expressed by Saint Irenaeus. Saint Paul stated, “He who was rich became poor for our sake so that we might become rich through his poverty” (Kereszty, pg. 212).
Saint Irenaeus further explained this by saying,
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the created universe in the redemption by Christ.
The human body is considered as being the objects of God’s creation and redemption. Since Adam and Eve, sin has corrupted the human body and destroyed the unity of God’s creation. This called for God to become man, and redeem mankind from their sins. God sent his son, Jesus to take upon himself the sins and suffering of the people.
Saint Maximus Confessor discussed how the human race was created last, because it was the natural link to the opposites of creation. There are five pairs of opposites in which mankind is destined to unite with. These pairs include: male and female, paradise and earth, earth and heaven, sensible and intellectual realities, and creation and God. With mankind uniting together with the five pairs of opposites, this would allow mankind to not only have a relationship with God, but become god as well. The union of the opposites occurred in a way that was far from what had been anticipated. “The assumption of the material world into union with Christ depends on the redemption of the human body” (Kereszty, pg. 226). Since mankind had abused the power that had been given to them from God, God became man to fulfill his design and redeem the human bodies of mankind. Through the resurrection of Jesus mankind is able to establish a new communion with God, creating a bridge between the bodies of the believers and their risen
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229). There are a number of themes which resonate from the objective aspect of redemption. Through this Jesus offers himself as a sacrifice, while assuming the emotions, sins, and suffering of humanity. Ultimately, Jesus is the link between the restored “new” communion of God and mankind. Each time we partake in Church ceremonies we can choose to participate in the Eucharist through the offering of the bread and wine that represent the body and blood of Jesus. “According to the Fathers the Eucharist nourishes their bodies for eternal life” (Kereszty, pg. 226). The Eucharist is the piece of bread and a sip of wine that is given to all members of a faith during religious ceremonies, such as a Catholic Mass. By participating in the Eucharist, we agree to follow Jesus and be come one with each other in

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